An intimate good morning

Within the ancient walls of the Convent

Every morning the moment of breakfast at La Loggia Historic Resort is an invitation to slow down, a ritual of connection between taste and beauty.
Your awakening becomes an unparalleled pleasure, savoured in a unique place, in total privacy within the ancient walls of the convent.

The fragrance of cakes and pastries lights up the excitement of a new day beginning, among homemade pies, soft croissants, fragrant biscuits, muffins and savoury products typical of our region, all accompanied by the enveloping aroma of coffee.

Take your time as if it were a precious gift, in a carousel of flavours and sensations that satisfy body and soul.

La Loggia Experience

Unique experiences to discover history, new flavours, nature and wellness as you have never tried it before!
Choose your experience, share it, tell about it, and remember it.

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