Places to see in one of Italy's most beautiful villages

Gradara, a village with an important history and a strategic position between Marche and Romagna. the castle overlooks the hill, with the sea on the horizon, and witnesses with its magnificence a past still alive in the village, the scene of an eternal love praised over the centuries by the great poet, Dante Alighieri.
then you have that village, where you can breathe tradition and authenticity’ in the small shops and historic inns.

Today, in this paradise suspended between past and present, poetry lives again and the atmosphere becomes magical, along the historic streets of the centre, on the panoramic walkways and in the ancient frescoed rooms. so many secret corners where wonder and mystery still intertwine and mingle.

Cross the gate through the Clock Tower and see for yourself!

Worth seeing

  • Gradara Castle, the mediaeval fortress that dominates the town, to be visited also with a guide who will tell you stories and legends
  • Patrol walkway, a 300-metre route from where to admire the rolling hills
  • Lovers' Walk, between nature and walls of ancient charm
  • Giardino degli Ulivi (Olive Garden), at the foot of the walls with a splendid view of the sea
  • Historical Museum, which preserves important evidences of the village with miniature reconstructions, torture instruments and war tools
  • Church of St John the Baptist, a 12th-century Romanesque church.
  • The Theatre of the Air, where unforgettable falconry shows take place.

Events in Gradara all year round

Gradara d'Amare: a review of cultural and musical events held every year in February.
The Siege of the Castle: a historical re-enactment of the 1446 siege held in July.
The Magic Castle: a magic event featuring artists from all over the world in August.
The Christmas Castle: a Christmas event with markets, shows, culture and music.

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